“Where have you been?”

September 3, 2013 — Leave a comment
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The number one rule of blogging is to be consistent. When I started this blog I made a goal of publishing new content twice a week, and I kept that up for a while. But recently I’ve fallen short of that. I’m planning on getting back to that consistency in a few weeks. The reason I’ve been so inactive is because of being unusually busy the last several weeks, and I want to give you a quick peek at what I’ve been doing.

Since training the Students for Life of America staff three weeks ago:

  • Speaking at the JFA seminar in VisaliaI’ve had my first Skype call with my great pro-choice friend Deanna. (More about her soon.)
  • I’ve lead two full days of advanced workshops for our mentors in Fresno that help make our local Justice For All trainings possible.
  • I Skyped with an SFLA staff member who had some questions about life-threatening pregnancies.
  • Seven meetings with mentors to help them with their speaking sections for this Fall’s JFA seminars.
  • Facilitated and spoke at a JFA seminar in Visalia.
  • Facilitated two days of outreach at the College of Sequias. We got to spend time testing out a new argument AND a new dialogue tool. I really enjoy doing R&D on campus, so that we can figure out the most effective tools.
  • Was interviewed by Jonalyn Fincher from Soulation about how to talk about abortion without being weird or turning people off from the Gospel.
  • Worked with SFLA to begin planning a seminar and outreach in Ohio.
  • Met with two directors from our local Pregnancy Care Center about creating content for a webpage with practical tips for talking to your teen about abortion.
  • Spent two days in the studio shooting videos for a prototype college tool that’s being tested this Fall.
  • Worked with a committee to prepare a great educational booth at the Central California Women’s Conference, which will be attended by 3,600 local women.


Here’s a picture from the outreach. I’ll be posting more on Facebook later.

In the next three weeks, I will:

  • Shoot five episodes of Life Report with Megan Almon and Steve Wagner.
  • Facilitate a local JFA seminar and outreach at Fresno City College.
  • Facilitate a private outreach to give me the chance to coach our mentors after watching them talk to pro-choice people. We’ll be doing a lot more of this in the future.
  • Speak to our core 40 Days for Life team about how we can improve upon the ministry we’ve been doing for the last five years.
  • Setup and tear down our booth at the Central California Women’s Conference.
  • The week after that I’ll getting ready for Ohio!

So, it’s a busy time, but I still intend to blog as often as possible. I have some ideas I’m really excited about, and I really appreciate your patience during this time.

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